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Advisory build by hogan real estate


For nearly three decades, we have worked the intricacies of commercial real estate and in the process have built expert real estate know-how. Trusts, financial institutions, investors, retailers, corporations, the courts, etc. have consulted with Hogan Real Estate and our trusted real estate professionals for advice, guidance, and ongoing real estate services. Our experience and expertise developed over the years combined with our knowledge of today’s market allows us to quickly understand challenges and opportunities and develop achievable solutions for clients.


Whether clients need assistance with a feasibility study, due diligence work, the development of a strategic plan for a single property or an entire real estate portfolio, or desire to subscribe to portions or the full complement of Hogan’s expert asset management platform, our professionals deliver the same straightforward approach. We are results-oriented and our understanding of how to get it done in our industry and focus on executable action plans is unparalleled. 

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Our Experience

With any deal, Hogan is direct, gets straight to the point and I really trust that they have both the financier and the client’s best interests at heart. Their strong knowledge of the financial industry is second to none. They understand current market trends, and the future implications of those trends. They will adjust and adapt accordingly, helping their clients be prepared for what is coming.

Chip Snyder, Senior Vice President, PNC Investments